YCOEM Highlights Animal Preparedness During National Pet Week

Published on May 09, 2024

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In recognition of National Pet Week, the Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management (YCOEM) honors the pets that bring joy to our lives and encourage responsible pet care and pet preparedness every day of the year. YCOEM collaborates with volunteer organizations such as Large Animal Shelter and Emergency Readiness (LASER) and Animal Disaster Services (ADS) to ensure the safety of our pets during emergencies.

For pet and domestic livestock owners, the well-being and security of animals are incredibly important in emergencies. LASER and ADS serve as essential community assets, offering support, shelter, and care for animals in times of crisis. Their expertise and commitment are critical to promoting pet preparedness, reducing the burden on owners, and above all, ensuring animals are safe and well-cared-for.

Residents are encouraged to take the following steps to prepare their animals for emergencies:

  • Create an Emergency Kit: Assemble a kit containing food, water, medicines, and veterinary records.
  • Plan for Evacuation: Identify safe locations for your animals and arrange a mode of
  • Update Information: Maintain current photos of your animals and ensure that identification tags are updated with your latest address and phone number.

Ashley Ahlquist, Emergency Manager at YCOEM stated, “Our partnership with LASER and ADS significantly enhances our community’s disaster response capabilities. Their concentrated efforts on animal care during emergencies are indispensable to our comprehensive preparedness strategy.”

For additional resources and information regarding animal preparedness and the services offered by LASER and ADS, please visit Laser-Shelter.org, AnimalDisasterServices.com, and YavapaiReady.gov/Animals.

Together, we can ensure that every member of our community, whether two-footed or four- footed, remains safe and prepared.