Outdoor Fire Ordinance

Fire restrictions are critical measures implemented by local, state, or federal authorities to reduce the risk of wildfires, especially during periods of high fire danger. These restrictions are based on current weather conditions, levels of vegetation dryness, and other factors that contribute to fire risk. They can limit activities such as campfires, smoking outdoors, and the use of certain types of equipment that could ignite a fire. The aim is to protect communities, natural landscapes, and resources by preventing the outbreak of fires that can rapidly become uncontrollable. The Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management participates in regional cooperator calls with other land managers such as the Department of Forestry and Fire Management, Bureau of Land Management, and United States Forest Service to discuss restrictions, weather, and fuel conditions during fire season. 

Even if Yavapai County is not under a fire restriction, you should contact your local fire department to ensure you are properly permitted and informed before you plan your yard work projects that may involve burning the debris.

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