Know Your Zone

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Preparing in advance for an evacuation can significantly speed up your response when the time comes. Being familiar with the steps to take and ready to act as soon as an evacuation warning or order is announced is crucial.  

In times of evacuation warnings and confirmed evacuations, authorities emphasize the importance of residents being familiar with their specific evacuation zone. These zones are designated with a combination of letters and numbers, with the initial letters representing the name of the geographic area and further divided by numbers into smaller zones. It’s recommended to familiarize yourself with your particular zone by checking your address at genasys Protect. Click on the button below. 

The City of Sedona's evacuation zones can be located here.

Know Your Zone

To save time during an emergency, it is important for residents to know your evacuation zone in advance. Enter your address into the map tool. The tool will tell you your zone name. It is important to write down the zone name and post it in a location easily accessible in an emergency.

Each zone has a description of the zone with the name, borders, current status, and additional information.  Additional information may also be provided. 

If an Evacuation Order or Warning is ordered, emergency officials will utilize alert and notification methods such as Wireless Emergency Alerts and Emergency Notifications to notify residents which zones are affected. Knowing your evacuation zone will allow you to respond more quickly.

Find Your Zone

  1. If this is your first time on the page, you will be prompted by a Welcome pop up. The pop up with ask you to pick one of two options: Share location or Not now.
  2. If you select Share location it will automatically take you to your zone. NOTE: If you have disabled location settings in your browser you will need to either enable settings or click "Got it" on the enable browser and manually enter your address.
  3. If you select Not now, type your address into the the "Search an address" bar at the top.
    Screenshot of Genasys
  4. Your zone will be listed at the top above your address (example: Zone YCU-357). Record this information somewhere you can access easily. 
  5. Scroll down to see the map that outlines your zone.
    Example of Zone
  6. Other questions? See the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I have a zone?

If you don't have a zone listed that means you're in the incorporated areas and they are not utilizing Genasys Protect for evacuation zones. Follow up with your local police and fire, which are typically the local emergency managers, to check the status of your evacuation zone project.

Why doesn't my zone show the best way to evacuate during an emergency?

Evacuation routes are always incident-specific because the best route to take is always relative to the location and type of threat. When an emergency evacuation takes place, law enforcement will direct traffic. 

If emergency officials activate a zone for a SET or GO order, anyone using Waze who's getting directions in that area will be given paths that no longer cross through it. 


Why doesn't my zone list where I should evacuate to during an emergency?

Information regarding where to go during an evacuation is dependent on the emergency itself. If a zone is activated for an evacuation, or other protective action that information may be available on this map but would be provided to the public in many ways including alert and notification systems, social media, the media and on


Do I have to remember my zone number to know if I need to evacuate?

While it is helpful to know the name of your zone, it is not necessary. Emergency officials will always include the boundaries of an impacted area when sending out alerts and a link to view the impacted area.



Why won't the evacuation map show up for me?

If it is your first time visiting the site, you will need to select if you want to share your location before you can see the map. Select either to share your location or not by clicking on your choice.


Should I download the app mentioned on the website?

The genasys Protect app provides the ability to receive updates on zone status through the app regardless of your location. The app is associated with the hosting vendor and not Yavapai County.


Did my fire agency participate in the creation of these zones?

Yes, multiple fire agencies from the local, state, and federal level assisted in the creation of these zones - along with the Sheriff's Office, APS, local law enforcement agencies and Yavapai County GIS.