Rave Prepare


The Rave Prepare system allows residents to register their medical information and specific access or functional needs online. This registry aids the Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management (YCOEM) in quickly identifying and contacting residents who may require assistance during an emergency. Through Rave Prepare, efficient planning and proactive response to disasters and emergencies are facilitated. Residents registered in the system may be reached via text, email, or phone during an emergency to assess their needs and coordinate the necessary help.

We encourage citizens to register any mobility limitations, communication barriers, transportation challenges, or requirements related to animal care and transport. Registration is open to individuals directly, as well as to friends and family who can sign up on behalf of their loved ones. Case workers are also empowered to register residents they support. Signing up helps emergency services to better understand and plan for your needs, ensuring timely assistance when it matters most.  

This system is intended to support emergency response efforts in aiding and, if feasible, evacuating individuals with functional needs during emergencies. While we aim to assist wherever possible, we encourage everyone to develop a personal evacuation plan, as emergency services may face challenges in reaching everyone immediately during critical situations.

How to Sign-Up for RAVE Prepare(PDF, 4MB)


How can I tell if I am able to share my profile with Emergency Managers through this service?

Simply create an account. If one of the addresses on your account falls within a jurisdiction that uses this service for disaster planning and response, the Other Services section of your Preferences page will provide you with the option to share your profile to support Emergency Preparedness.

How is my information accessed by Emergency Management?

Through this service, Emergency Managers can ask questions about the information on-file for citizens that live in a given area. If you elect to participate in this feature, and your profile contains information Emergency Managers are interested in (for example, you live in an area they select, and you state that you do not have access to transportation in the event of an evacuation order), then your name, address, and contact information will be displayed to the Emergency Manager making the inquiry. 

Can I change my mind about who I share my information with after my initial registration?

Yes, by simply logging into your account. You can modify the services you participate in from within the Other Services section of the Preferences page. Please be aware that not all services are available in all areas.

Why should I share my information with Emergency Management?

Sharing your information with emergency management will allow local emergency officials to better plan for and respond to disasters. These officials regularly exercise scenarios and make plans to better prepare for disasters (i.e. hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, power outages). Having knowledge of specific needs within the community, such as disabilities and special medical conditions, gives them the opportunity to identify individuals who will be most in need of assistance during an incident.

Even if no member of your household has a significant medical condition, there are still numerous pieces of information that are of interest to Emergency Managers. For example, did you know that pets (other than service animals) are typically not allowed in emergency shelters? By knowing the number of pets in the community that require emergency sheltering, Emergency Managers can develop strategies to better accommodate pets.


What happened to the old system?

By transitioning from traditional pen and paper to enhanced digital registries for Access and Functional Needs (AFN), Yavapai County is advancing its disaster preparedness models and fostering genuine connections between emergency management teams and the community. Residents can proactively provide information about their special needs, language preferences, and transportation requirements, which is crucial for those who may need additional time or resources to prepare for severe weather or other emergencies. Using the Rave Prepare platform, public safety personnel can gather this demographic information, identify areas that may require early warnings, and dispatch inclusive, multilingual emergency alerts. These include audio phone messages for those with visual impairments and SMS texts for individuals with hearing impairments, ensuring all community members receive critical information promptly.

The system we use to help people with special needs during emergencies had some limitations. It was hard to quickly check if someone had moved away or passed on, and keeping the information up-to-date is crucial for it to be useful. To improve this, we introduced a new system called Rave Prepare, which helps our emergency teams and the Emergency Operations Center use technology better. This system can send out important messages during events like evacuations, power outages, or other emergencies specifically to those with special needs.

It's important to remember that Yavapai County is a rural area where not everyone has cell service or internet access. Although the old system is still in place and will be used during emergencies, we strongly encourage everyone with functional needs to sign up for Rave Prepare. This way, you can receive emails, texts, or phone calls directly from us checking if you need help during an emergency. However, you can still sign up with the other form here(PDF, 284KB)

This helps avoid overwhelming our 9-1-1 service, which should only be used for immediate life-threatening situations. If you don’t join Rave, you won’t receive these messages, but you will still get in-person notifications when possible and other emergency alerts if you have registered.

We encourage you to share your information with all services available through your account in order to take full advantage of the safety services your community offers you.