May is Wildfire Awareness Month

Published on May 01, 2024


As we usher in the month of May, Yavapai County embraces a critical observance with the advent of Wildfire Awareness Month. This time is designated to remind us all of the ever-present threat of wildfires in our region and the proactive measures we must undertake to protect our community, homes, and natural surroundings.

In a significant move to highlight the importance of this month, the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors recently passed a proclamation declaring May as Wildfire Awareness Month. This proclamation is not just a formality but a vital declaration of our collective commitment to enhancing wildfire preparedness across the county. The initiative was largely supported by the Chairman, Craig Brown, who emphasized the importance of community readiness and fire prevention efforts.

During a recent Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting held on Wednesday, the importance of Wildfire Awareness Month was underscored by a key speech from the Emergency Manager of Yavapai County. As one of the speakers, the Emergency Manager reaffirmed the critical need for awareness and proactive prevention strategies to safeguard against the unpredictable nature of wildfires.

Wildfire Awareness Month serves as an annual reminder of the dangers posed by wildfires and the actions that individuals and communities can take to mitigate these risks. In Yavapai County, where dry conditions and natural foliage can create a ripe environment for wildfires, it is especially important. The month is dedicated to educating the public on creating defensible spaces around properties, adhering to local fire codes, and understanding the importance of emergency evacuation plans. 

Also in attendance at the proclamation event were representatives from Yavapai Firewise, Weaver Mountain Firewise, and the Prescott National Forest. These groups voiced their support for the proclamation and shared insights on the collaborative efforts needed to enhance fire safety across the county. It calls on every resident to participate actively in making our community safer. Whether by attending county-sponsored events, spreading the word, or simply by assessing and improving the fire safety of one's own home, every action counts.

As we move through Wildfire Awareness Month, let us all renew our commitment to fire safety and community resilience. By working together, staying informed, and taking proactive measures, we can hope to not only face the wildfire season with confidence but also to protect the beautiful and vibrant community of Yavapai County. Remember, preparedness starts with awareness, and awareness begins with each of us. Let's make this Wildfire Awareness Month a foundation for year-round safety and vigilance.

2024 Yavapai County Wildfire Awareness Proclamation